Correctional Facilities

Imaging services
for secure healthcare.

Shuttling inmates off-site to receive x-rays or ultrasounds can be inefficient, costly, and unsafe. There’s a better way: treat inmates in your facility with portable healthcare.

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Correcting healthcare standards

For many correctional institutions, it’s impossible to treat inmates without inviting a huge security risk. Bedside imaging technologists:

  • Eliminate costly ambulance transport and multiple security guards
  • Minimize the security risks of off-site imaging centers
  • Maintain the health and safety of inmates with accessible healthcare
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High-stakes experience

PDI Health is a trusted partner of correctional facilities across the nation. We pride ourselves on professionalism and efficiency.

  • Our technologists are trained to work in high-security environments
  • Board-certified radiologists prepare clinically accurate reports
  • Cloud-based technology lets you view results wherever, whenever
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Connect to the power of portable diagnostics. We’ve partnered with correctional facilities for over a decade, so we’re well-versed in industry challenges–in fact, we’ve built our services around them.

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