At-Home Concierge Services

Imaging services from the comfort
of home.

Refer your patients to PDI Health for discreet, comfortable, and efficient imaging services. Access reports immediately–and whenever you want–with cloud-based technology.

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The house calls of the future

Lightweight, tech-powered equipment offers home-limited patients quality healthcare without the exorbitant costs of housing high-tech equipment.

  • Eliminate costly ambulance transport
  • Keep fragile patients in bed
  • Offer them hospitality-grade healthcare
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High-profile healthcare

PDI Health dispatches concierge technicians to individual homes across the US. We pride ourselves in imaging & reporting held to the highest standard.

  • Our technologists are discreet and have an excellent bedside manner
  • Our board-certified radiologists prepare clinically accurate reports
  • Our modern EMR makes accessing, viewing, and sharing reports simple
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Physician Testimonials

“Fast technicians, and excellent reports. I refer all my bedridden patients to PDI Health’s concierge services.”

Dr. Thomas I. Rosenfield, MD